Thursday, 4 June 2009

AMD present "AMD Opteron" 6 core processor

AMD (NYSE: AMD) on June 2, announced the availability of 6-core processors (six-core) first in the world who use the Direct Connect Architecture to the server with 2, 4, and 8 socket. AMD Opteron ™ processor 6-core with the code-named "Istanbul" extend AMD's commitment to offer best value to the server at various price levels with the flexibility of the extraordinary platform to customers.All platforms AMD single core is able to meet the needs of more and better scalability with the AMD Opteron processor 6-core and offers cost effective solutions and electrical power with the AMD Opteron processor 4-core. System AMD Opteron processor-based 6-core will be available early this month leading OEM's including Cray, Dell, HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems, along with support from partners and motherboard infrastructure. While the version of HE, SE and EE of the AMD Opteron processor 6-core planned available starting in mid-2009 the second.
  • AMD Opteron processor 6-core infrastructure using the old platform and DDR memory architecture 2-a cost-effective and power to be able to help the cost system.
  • HPC, virtualization and database workloads benefit from the increased memory bandwidth 4P STREAM up to 60 percenti possible by technology, HyperTransport ™ HT Assist, which helps reduce latency and traffic processor;
  • AMD Virtualization ™ (AMD-V ™) and management features of AMD-P suite will be available on all the performance and power bands.
  • AMD Opteron processor has a performance-per-watt is better and 34% compared to 4-processor inti.ii (AMD Opteron ™ Processor Model 2435 [SPECpower_ssj ™ 2008 overall 1297 ssj_ops / watt, 501.246 ssj_ops at 287W @ 100% target load] compared to AMD Opteron ™ processor Model 2382 [2008 overall SPECpower_ssj ™ 970 ssj_ops / watt, 376.878 ssj_ops at 272W @ 100% target load])

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