Saturday, 11 April 2009

Another Ways to Optimize Your Web/Blog

quoted from Matt Cutts's Blog, The Chieff of Google Webspam.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The principle of search engine optimization is "Give the correct code and content of the good, and wherever possible that unique." So, if you remember, the website has a chance to top.The correct code related to the two characters the HTML code a website. On the one hand, it must be the correct syntax. On the other hand will need to use an existing HTML element. Especially important for Google tags, , tag and title to . In arranged neatly, titles determine the structure of the article.Seems, is also important to use the title once, but other titles such as or more often. A requirement for the other search results that patience is better. Slowly manages other website linked to a bid and thus push up the popularity and Page Rank website.

Tuning: Building links to website

In fact many ways to publish the website, other than through Google. One of them is inserting the address or link in your website or blog in the forum. However, blog owners are often not happy about this. Link is a new kind of useful, relevant information when offer for readers of the blog or the forum concerned. In addition, there are many other ways. In blog comments are usually equipped with an automatic link with parameter "rel = nofollow". That is, Google does not follow this link and found this as not voting for PageRank. Parties responsible for the existence of this more and more spammers. The Bot Proggram meet a blog and forum with no text and many useful links to their website up in search engines.

Filter: PageRank little helper

Based on the Google PageRank formula has been exploring the Internet with great success. But with that also have problems, the website owner to quickly find out how it works and attempt to reverse that website pushed up the list of hits.

As a result, Google began to prevent spammers from such a method, which is always new. Therefore, the current PageRank is just one of many factors that affect a website's position in the list of Google hits.
However, PageRank is often treated as a currency. "If you gave me two links from PageRank 4, I give you a link from a PageRank 5 website." However, this action does not exchange links trop. For example, exchanging a link between football website with a website does not have automobile use for readers and also does not have the effect on Google. Because, Google gives higher value to links that are relevant, of which there is no relation at all. So, if you get an e-mail with a link exchange offer, you should check first, whether the website is accurate. When relevant, certainly useful.
Back to the Google algorithm, PageRank is just top of the mountain ice. Below the display Google hidden many filters and methods for the assessment website and search results (list of hits).

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