Sunday, 5 April 2009

Reveal The Secret Formula of Google PageRank (PR) - part I

A small algorithm determines the success or failure of the website in the Google PageRank formula. Let's see how it works Let's start with some of the following logic. Internet is very large, the website is very small. Not surprisingly, when a website is very difficult to show up and compete with the billions of websites similar to it appeared to all Internet users. User can only see it when a website run a search on Google and the site is located in the top of the list of hits. However, when there are hundreds of similar websites on the Internet, which will show the top or bottom in the list of hits? The answer is poured into a formula PageRank algorithm. As we know, PageRank is a patented algorithm that has a working website which determine the more important or popular. PageRank is one of the main feature and the Google search engine was created by the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. For you who know, understand, and use the PageRank, can be up to the top of the list of website hits. However, the menyalah gunakannya will be punished. But how and when the PageRank of a website is in the top hits in the list? Here I will give a formula of the algorithm in the google rating of a web page
Still do not understand the meaning of the formula above? Wait for my next post ....

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