Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ads Programs

There is the list of ads programme that can be instaled in our sites :

1. Text-based advertising links

1.a Text Link Ads: Ad text-based paid a very popular

1.b. LinkWorth: You can get revenue of 70%

1.c. Text Link Brokers: You can make money with the sale and purchase links on your site directory.

1.d. Live Customer Service: Ad static HTML text with a monthly flat rate

1.e. Link Adage: You can connect the advertiser with the publisher.

1.f. Direct-Link-Ads: You can generate up to 75% of the ad.

1.g. PaidTextLinks: advertising program with only a small text link.

1.h. Kontera: You can create a contextual link with the automatic.

1.i. AdSter: You can customize the ads so that match your website.

1.j. Vibrant Media: Advertising textual top brands such as vodafone, microsoft, apple, acer, cisco, etc..

1.k. Services that simple text ads.

1.l. SearchFriendlyAds: Services but also text-based website has not been optimal.

1.m. YzMedia: Options advertising text links that other

2. Results-based advertising for Sales / Shopping Cart

2.a. KickStartCart: Providing products for the shopping cart you select, the account as a seller, and tools for your sales adjuvant.

2.b. Paypal: It is one of the options cheaper to sell your products.

2.c. EasyStoreCreator: To provide packaging which includes hosting, integration with your account and your shopping cart.

2.d. 1ShoppingCart: Provide a variety of tools with different packaging for sale, shopping cart and segregated accounts.

2.e. ASecureCart: shopping cart services that generate sufficient

2.f. NetSuite: advertising options that total e-commerce.

2.g. GotShoppingCart? : Version free shopping cart for your products or other products that you wish to sell.

2.h. 3D Cart: Also provide sales assistance, statistics and others.

2.i. Americart: Provides 30-day free trial risk.

2.j. MonsterCommerce: Features program for the sale is very much

3. PPC-based advertising (PayPerClick)

3.a. Google Adsense: most popular PPC program on the internet

3.b. Yahoo Publisher Betwork: Alternative managed yahoo adsense

3.c. Chitika: eMiniMalls offered chitika PPC actually not common, but still one of the PPC campaign products.

3.d. Kanoodle: Alternative both Google and Yahoo PPC

3.e. Ads-Click: You can set the price-per-click ads shown situsmu.

3.f. AdBrite: mngontrol and you can customize the pilihanmu

3.g. Search ABC: both PPC options other than the Google and Yahoo

3.h. BidVertiser: Program advertising network with knowledgeable PPC

3.i. Clicksor: contextual ad program

3.j. Qads: Qumana's advertising program to use separate software

3.k. PeakClick: Program with the payment in euros

3.l. DoubleClick: One of the other PPC options for AdSense

3.m. RevenuePilot: You can get 60% of revenue from this PPC program.

3.n. SearchFeed: One of the other options targeted PPC ads

3.o. TargetPoint: Options ntuk all PPC scale publisher.

3.p. OneMonkey: You can get 80% of total advertising revenue PPC.

3.q. Miva MC: Advertising PPC ads plus the option of contextual PPD (PayPerDisplay)

3.r. ClickBooth: to claim himself has paid the highest in the PPC industry

4. Advertising-based Banner Ad

4.a. AdEngage: This program is not a banner ad but ordinary images with text.

4.b. AdDynamix: This program also offers other options besides the banner

4.c BannerBoxes: You can get 75% revenue from every click on the banner

5. Affiliate Program

5.a. Commission Junction: One of the leading affiliate programs in the world, have many products.

5.b. ClickBank: Provide products that can be downloaded affiliates.

5.c. LinkShare: his claim is based affiliate network marketing pay-per-performance largest.

5.d. AzoogleAds: Also claiming himself a network-based online advertising pay-per-performance.

5.e. Amazon: It is the affiliate program's oldest and most successful.

5.f. Context Links for Amazon's Affiliate Program: Is a program that helps you in making affiliate link to amazon products directly.

6. Post paid

6.a. ReviewMe: You will be paid a website to discuss and write on your blog.

6.b. PayPerPost: You can make money by writing about the website, products, services and companies.

7. Parked Domain

7.a. Revenue Direct: You can make money from this program Parked domain.

7.b. Parked: Options for the other program Parked domains other than the direct revenue

8. Other varied and

8.a. The News Room
You can make money by placing news items on your site with this program.

8.b. Tribal Fusion: This program is an advertising program for website-specific websites that are selectively chosen.

8.c. IndustryBrains: This program provides many different advertising options category for you

8.d. Adknowledge: Providing choices generate money with an email, website, and search engine

8.e. YesAdvertising: This site provides many options contextual advertising ads, interstitial, email, banner and pop-unders.

8.f. ValueClickMedia: This site provides many options including the advertising with video

8.g. AuctionAds: You can make money by displaying items ebay

8.h. IntelliTxt: contextual ads that also provide video-based ads

8.i. PremierAd: advertising program provides many options and you can save 80% of advertising from here

8.j. BurstMedia: This program provides many different advertising options for you

8.k. This program provides a great selection of advertising, including ad-based video

8.l. Openads: This program is using the software online advertising

8.m. Casale Media: You can select what ads you want on your site

8.n. VC Media: This program provides advertising based on CPM or CPC

8.o. Ads by RSS: You can put ads on your site using RSS

8.p. You can sell ad space on your blog through the auction here.

8.q. TextMarks: You can make money from your blog with the warning message text.

9. Sell ad space

9.a. AdSonar: This program is a program targeted ad space to sell ads

9.b. BlogAds: You can set the ads that appear in your ad space

9.c. CrispAds: You can define your own ad prices direct to the advertiser

9.d. ADSDAQ: You can define your own ad rates and programs ADSDAQ bring your ad space with advertisers

9.e. AdVolcano: You can set your own price and the size of the ad to your website

10. Advertising with the RSS Feed

10.a. Pheedo: This program provides pay-per-click for you

10.b. PostPostWordPress Plugin: You can put affiliate links or ads before and after you feed, specifically for the wordpress blog

10.c. Feedvertising: You can run ads from text-link-ads on your feed

10.d. Feedburner Ads: If you use the Feedburner service to distribute and track your feed, you also have the option to use their advertising services on the feeds you.

10.e. MediaFed: This program directly fill the ad space on your feed automatically

10.f. FeedShow: This program helps put PPC ads on your feed

10.g. Fedafi Publishing Network: You can make money from your blog feeds with wordpress plugin fedafi this.

10.h. Yahoo! Publisher Network: This program provides the PPC ads on your feed -

11. Install Boards Job / Job Announcement Board

11.a. Joards: You can put on the job board, your blog and earn a living as much as 75% of total revenue program

11.b. Job-a-matic: It is an option to install the program in addition to job board Joards

Have a nice day, let's make your choose for all the options for you best

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