Sunday, 22 March 2009

Missions : Impossible 4

Success with the three film 'Missions : Impossible', Tom Cruise want to immediately use to 'Missions : Impossible 4'. Ethan Hunt was preparing confess secret missions that will be raised in the film.

As quoted from Aceshowbiz, Thursday (19/3/2009), Tom plans to display the setting for the Asians in the M:I 4. Tokyo, Japans will become the choice of husband of Katie Holmes.

Unfortunatelly, until this time, there is no further informations will be anyone who is involved in processing M:I4. However, if Tom can be ascertained that will portray character Ethant Hunt, a secret agent of IMF, again.

As a note, Tom first appears as Ethan Hunt in the first film 'Missions: Impossible' which was released in 1996ago. Then in the ' M:I2' in 2000, and the last in 'M:I3' in 2006.

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