Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Silverlight 3, Multi-touch and Deep zoom, mixed in IPhone 3G

Microsoft Silverlight media player mobile version will soon be released by Microsoft, and will be applied in a fun alternative devices, Apple iPhone. Microsoft, through the Reg, said that "Silverlight for Mobile" will include all of the features in Silverlight for the desktop, including Deep Zoom, which can facilitate a user to know more about the manipulation of images in minutes. Scott Guthrie, vice president of platform development. NET, revealed that the goal of Silverlight for Mobile is to provide extra experience for the user, between desktop and mobile, that both are basically the same. However, Microsoft felt the problem of the problem of mobile phone network which combined with the process limited the handset, can slow the process of zooming effect in the handset.

While for Silverlight beta 3 version is released this sunday in the Microsoft Mix 09, will introduce the hardware acceleration that is not in previous versions. Silverlight 3 will be introduced to support multi-touch, the ability to manage and interesting applications, such as on the iPhone by using two fingers. Other features of the Silverlight video streaming 3 as a smooth and automatic switch-based video quality and CPU bandwidth.

Multi-touch capability Silverlight 3 will also be combined with the Deep Zoom feature, such as maps or images to the iPhone. "This interesting about Deep Zoom is the user can start with the manipulation of images is very small. Therefore, Deep Zoom is very relevant to mobile. If paired with Deep Zoom acceleration hardware and multi-touch, the user can memproleh interesting experience in the iPhone. "Said Guthrie

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