Sunday, 22 March 2009

U2 Plans to retire soon....

At the other bands struggle to achieve fame, U2, the Superband from Ireland, plans to retire soonIt's delivered by the drummer, Larry Mullen Jr. Larry also wish, that band who has Bono, The Edge, and Adam Clayton, stop the play when they are in the top middle of the triumph.

"There will be a time where it's like 'this time to go'. I want to happen in peak, when you are still receiving a lot of things. It will make me sad. I think that the most appropriate time to go," said Larry, quoted from Female first, Sunday (22/3/2009).

Musician who has created hits 'Beautiful Day' said that if the band, disbanded, they will not close the possibility of make a reunion. But quietly the plan that they would not be realized in the near future.

Start from June, 30th 2009, will start upcoming U2 tour '360 degrees' with them to visit 14 cities in Europe. 4 of them have a concert schedule in the UK including a concert on August 14th at Wembley stadium, London.