Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sony Reader acquired over 500,000 free ebook

Google Inc. now make a half million books, which are not protected by copyright, attend free of charge for the electronic book reading device Sony Corp., who has been released Thursday (19/03) yesterday. This is the first time Google makes to the public domain books that can be enjoyed in the e-book devices, and Sony Reader will be sold on Inc., With the largest library, such as the Kindle, with 600,000 books in it. The books in the scan-all have been published before 1923, including paper and non-fiction classics such as Herodotus "The Histories" or Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities." The book can now be downloaded free in PDF format (Portable Document Format), which can work in both the computer screen, but not the e-book reader. Meanwhile, Google will provide hundreds of books to the Sony Reader, and in the EPUB format (Electronic Publication), which can dinikimati to screen smaller than the computer.

Google spokesman, Jennie Johnson, said that Google will make the books can be enjoyed by the public. "Our Vision is a book, anywhere, and any device. We want to partner with anyone who would like to share with our vision. "Johnson said. Publishing industry is only a little use for distribution EPUB e-book, but Amazon even uses its own format for the Kindle e-book, Johnson added. However, regardless EPUB file that is not encrypted can be convert into a format that can be read also in the Kindle using the PC software.

Unlike the Sony Reader, the Kindle price to $ 359 have a wireless connection directly to the e-book store is, which supports more than 245,000 titles, while to get the book directly to the Sony Reader, the user must download it from the Sony website computer, and then mengkoneksikan Sony Reader to the computer. There are two models Sony e-book Reader, the price of each $ 300 and $ 350.

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