Tuesday, 24 March 2009

How to Shutt Down Rapidshare Countertimmer for Free User

For people who often download from Rapidshare, especially for free user, off course, you will bored to wait countertime run before download file, right??? But with a few tricks we can turn off the time counter.a. No need to wait for the timer counter is finished, clean Address Bar in Firefox and change the URL
with a few simple javascript code.

javascript: alert (c = 0)

b. After you type the script above in the address bar and press ENTER and the alert message box will appear in your browser, do not panic, press OK and survived because of the timer counter in your browser and there is no direct Rapidshare links dowload the file from the
You want to download.

c. Select the download location that will be used (example: Cogent-network/Level (3)-network) and type the verification code, then press the "Download".

d. If after you press the button and then download a warning message box, simply press OK and press the "back" on your browser and select the network and press the button "Download".

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