Wednesday, 14 January 2009


regards ........
a media that will be sharing my research this time, is not, 4shared is one of a free media sharing as well as ziddu, even 4shared features afiliate also available as ziddu, file2 every property that we downloaded other people will be compensation provided by the 4shared ...... so, tunggu apalagi, immediately join in the comunity aja 4shared I click on the banner on the side of what can also click here

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  1. mas.. file Q udah di download 27 orang tp di my acount Q kok tetap... ga nambah... bales di email Q ya

  2. mas, gimana ngecek penghasilan kita dari 4shared?

  3. opo 4 shared iso ngetoke dit donk??
    ko gek mung gambus koyo wingi2 kae le..

  4. po 4shared ngentuke duit le??
    ko gek mung gambus koyo biyen2??

  5. @lebo elek : klo mau dapat penghasilan, kelihatannya hrus upgrade account dulu ke premium

    @Free Download here: klik aja acount anda, trus cek penghasilan

    @rengzone : iyo, bisa dapetin duit kog