Friday, 23 January 2009

Strategi Trading Forex / Valas 100% Profit

Strategi Trading Valas 100% Profit (1)

We will be sharing about one of the strategies of the many strategies that we "discover" through our experience a few years ago in forex trading. Perhaps some among us have any experience of "negative" in this business. Pointing investment law that the greater level of ROI (return on investment) are in the business any more and the larger the level of risk. Yup, aja realistic, honest kamipun never "drop" in this business, but we remain confident and optimistic with this promising business.
We also have been on phase "shopping" a lot of e-book2 all about strategy - forex trading strategies offered both online (through internet) and off-line (newspapers, magazines etc.). However, the less we get the maximum already spent a lot of money to buy e-book2.

Some time later we finally find a strategy - a strategy that not only can reduce the risk in this business, but even we say that our strategy 100% profit. And all we have to apply in the trading and of course we also go through with the sacrifice - of time, energy, and that material.
Here we will describe a simple strategy that most of the many strategies that we have.

We prefer trading in the currency pair EUR / USD, EUR / JPY and USD / JPY. Why? fluctuation of price movements because the more dynamic compared with the other part. Do not be surprised if we do not choose the GBP / USD may or GBP / JPY. The reason may be most professional forex trader , we think the average investor is have losr in Trading forex when play in the pair GBP / USD or GBP / JPY.Do You agree?

ut in the business akan Index / CfDs we must be ready to bear the risk that much greater. Udahlah, forget our mistakes, and do not have our revenge with the defeat. Because it will only make us subject to trading psychology. In the business than we have to avoid the idealist nature, would not accept their own mistakes, you certainly do business in this highly emotional affect our trading results, in this business is very important to consider is the need to patient, calm and confident, and also not too greedy and not too afraid

We continue to strategy, we prefer to sell rather than buy over under (a special part for the EUR / USD, EUR / JPY & USD / JPY). Because, you see only the movement is the third pair, rise slowly - but if the land is saturated and then fall over very quickly, what this means? Position sell more quickly over the close of trade on the buy down

We have studied one of the many trading our secure a strategy. As we describe above, we dare say that the strategy - our strategy is 100% profit. For details, you can contact us or come directly to Forex Online Net. Your Happy Trading .....


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