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Interest Rate (Interest Rate Increase)

Many argued that the Securities News, to this extraordinary movement of the currency pair. But the author thought that the News Interest in this position as follows:

* Try before you see the currency pair position in the market when interest news release.
* If the currency pair is in depressed position, it will be enough to give the effect that extraordinary, but if the currency does not pairnya in the depressed position, it's also the effect is not so great.

This indicates that the important from the Release Interest Rate "Interest Rate Increase" News is not only itself but the balance of the currency.

Well, if so ngapain again eforia with Interest Rate, do not sleep until all waiting for its News release, it is better if you do the analysis first rate position with the position of the currency pair is supported.

Non Farm PayRoll (NFP)

The Great News Number One in Forex Tradding! Check Your Calender This Month First!

Try to see the effect of this News, Wuehuehuehe +185 pips in less than 15 minutes only.
The picture is NFP Securities News on 2 June 2006.

News what's this ....?!?!??!?
friends do not need a headache thinking about what this news, that's clear, every Sunday First Friday of each month, this always comes NEWS .... once a month, hours, 20:30 WIB.

The picture is NFP Securities News on 5 May 2006. You can always see that over 100 pips effect

News of this effect is always 1 (one) direction rapidly, whether upwards if down, nah I doubt so ... why ..... make it a trap.

Well, now we try to make a trap .... hehehehe: D


* Appears Before News ..... Morning started ... Holiday Trade.
* Commercial Trade of 30 minutes should come before the News.
* Place the trap, please see NFP Strategy trap.


* Find High & Low transaction 2 hour comes before the News.
* Please open the HIGH BUY, SELL ago in LOW.
* Retrieve Target +100 pips only.
* Take the Stop Lose respectively - only 40 pips.

Strategy 90% is almost always successful.

If you are a Trader Standard Account, can actually make a trade here is 1 (one) times a month for the monthly target 100 pips. So in 3 months (only 3 times a trade you have ROI) ... hehehehe ..: D

The key is:

* Know When Schedule News NFP will appear this month.
* Prepare a trap 100 pips in 10 minutes of News comes with the position as I described earlier.
* If you are already familiar with this trap, use the Quantity 30% of your margin.
* Enjoy the results and wait for 1 month NFP News Next Month for the next trade.
* Save your credit, 29 days holiday trade .... hahahaha ....

Deposit $ 3000, you trade with $ 1000 (Quantity 10,000), with 1 pips profit = $ 10, with the trade 15 minutes once a month, the 100 pips as a target so that the obtained result is a monthly $ 1000 ..... (10 million bro ..... only 15 minutes to once a month ...)

sumber :

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