Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Tweet My Blog To Create A Viral Traffic Monster

Do you know  Twitter?
Twitter is a mini-blog:-p I do so. such as sms on hp, so we can post anything like a typical blog is not long! Suitable for the lazy I make a long post on the blog,,, hehehe ... If you do not have accounts, click
 di sini

In fact Twitter can be used to bring traffic to our website. But that often is a problem that is not praktisnya update manually via Twitter account and we are through SMS.

what if there are tools or software that can automatically update Twitter from the website / blog you? 

Especially for the user WordPress blog, there is a free plugin from John Merrick and Soren Jordansen, name Tweet My Blog.

he said; installs the plugin on this blog we then automatically every new posting on the blog will be ours as well as updates to Twitter so that our friends on Twitter who are interested we will be posting a visit to read more in the blog posting. 

He said (again) ... easy to use, like Wordpress plugins, in general, we live to upload the plugin folder in your blog and mmengaktifkan through the WordPress admin panel. Then do some settings through the menu option to adjust them with our needs.

Ah he said only! I want to try now ... :-) Participate yuuu!

download tweet my blog

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