Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Info Ziddu.....

This time I will discuss what it is .... ziddu correct, ziddu storage media is what I use for upload all the files you have on this blog, in addition to offering unlimited storage, we can also get revenue from ziddu following quote .... its .... 


You will get $ 0001 for each Unique download.Redeemed cash transfered will be via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $ 25. 

10000 Unique Downloads: $ 10 

50000 Unique Downloads: $ 50 

100000 Unique Downloads: $ 100 USD 

500000 Unique Downloads: $ 500 USD 

1000000 Unique Downloads: $ 1000 USD 

You will get $ 0.30 Referral Bonus, when someone joins with Ziddu through your referral link and uploads his first file! 

so, so tasty?, it Ziddu join in, click the banner below to join, or click 
 disinienjoy your online revenue with Ziddu .....

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