Friday, 23 January 2009

Strategi Trading Valas 100% Profit (2)

Previously, if we can invite you dreams away, imagine if in the future in all over the city in this beloved land available "machine - an ATM machine" (or whatever the term) that provides information about Forex Rates information runing good price, or a chart another. Dimesin that we can learn forex-trading, from the deposit, open positions, close to the withdrawal. There are several reasons why I have such hope: 

Forex trading is not gambling. 

Trading forex is a business that is very popular. TRADING FOREX market is the largest in the world measured by total transaction value. 

Set the economic, employment reduction, overfullnes MLM business, the needs of life increasing, Trading forex present as independent businesses in a very arouse. Trading forex can be done by anyone, anytime and anywhere. 

Trading forex can be made in the pension business, the age when we are no

    Continuing our strategy that, in the pair Sell EUR / USD, USD / JPY, EUR / JPY when it is saturated above ( choice Buy above, better than Sell below). 

    Following this strategy is a little more "complicated". We have started the On-line Open Market America around 19:20 hours, wait and see with the "battle" U.S. and Europe. It's "battle" that we must be as soulless investment tiger spotted. Tiger spotted if candidates are will sniffing their prey smoothly. Although the flight from mangsanya much faster but he will pounce mangsanya only if it is correct - or close to correct is 99.99%. 

    In this strategy we will be doing the open position SELL EUR / JPY. Between the hours 19:30 to 23:00 we note the chart third pair (EUR / USD, USD / JPY & EUR / JPY). Note the movement chart EUR / USD and USD / JPY, if both are above (both near the high that day) is definitely EUR / JPY will break even over the high. Now when it is the most ideal time to open Sell position. You also do not need to use stop loss. Next movement, if one of the pair EUR / USD or USD / JPY down the EUR / JPY certainly took down, and then move further if both (EUR / USD & USD / JPY) down, then the EUR / JPY is certainly free of earthen jar to hold water and increase - earthen jar to hold water pip profit us.

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