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“Short Term Trading System” Forex Strategic

“Short Term Trading System” Forex Strategic

This time I will again discuss one of the many Forex Trading Strategy regular me. Strategies that we will be called my "Short Term Trading System." Previous regulations need to know about Short Term Trading in one of the broker popular among Netter. This quotation from the rules they

Maximum number of short-term positions (less than 5 minutes) that can be made by the trader in a 4 hour period is 15. If the trader closes more than 75 short-term positions or more than 300 positions in 7 consecutive days, your account will be prevent trader while a new order of delivery to market. Please note that this restriction refers to the position of both the number of live trading desk and virtual trading. This policy has been applied to restrict the number of positions over the short term that can be executed and the trader to limit the overall number of positions to better control the burden on our servers.

With this strategy we can trade without migrants, always nervous , . heartattack, and etc. Even with a small margin such as $ 200, with this strategy we can wash profit equivalent to the profit if we are trading in the futures account regular local (minimum margin deposit of $ 3000).

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The rule is :
Create scenarios Open Open Buy and Sell at the same time, should the Open Price Sell 2 pips above the Open Buy Price. Overall we attach each Target - 8 pips of profit. We wait some time, if one is left out traget (closed) then the position directly opposite that we replace the target, ie, we minuskan / loss (Closed in the loss), with a record profit must be greater than the loss. To help understand the results please see the screenshot trading with us using this way. 3 pairs drawn to BUY and Sell with the calculation of total profit 30pips - 20pips = +10 pips in one hour (see the time entered and exited). Try to imagine if we devote more time to bertrading with this strategy, of course more profit is not it?

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If we read carefully the existing regulations, the strategy is far from the violation.

Ebook module in our forex trading, this strategy we describe in as much detail as possible and steps on how to use it. Let's grow the economy suburkan this beloved country with a lot of work

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